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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some questions we get on the farm.

Q: Do I have to compete to ride at White Winds Farm?
A: NO! We welcome ANY person who wants to learn to be a better horseperson! But if you say you want to be competitive we will take your word for it and lay out goals and standards that you have to meet to be competitive at whatever level YOU choose! If you want to move up we try to be as open and up front as possible on what you will have to do to meet those goals!

Q: Do I have to ride in an English saddle?
A: No you do not if you are bringing your own horse over for lessons and that is all you own. If using a school horse you will be in an english saddle. That is what we have. Just think, if what you want to do is trail ride, you will have a very good understanding of balancing on the horse when you are taking lessons here and be totally independent and safe to help your horse on a trail ride!!!!!

Q: Are there trails around the farm?
A: There are some trails around the farm and some landowners are ok with riding on their property with conditions. We are conveniently located from many parks and reserves in the area for day trips and camping trips. Please call for more information.

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