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Have a great experience working with us!!! We are always looking for a working student who is enthusiastic and has a thirst for knowledge.  Unfortunately, we do not have living accommodations for working students, must live in the area. 

Positions available

Position: Working Student

Description: Looking for an enthusiastic student who wants to help with the day to day work with horses on the farm. Some daily chores may need to be done but grooming, tacking up and un-tacking of horses the majority of work. Help with jumping and ground work of horses. A lot of riding time available, warming up horses, cooling out and schooling.  Will learn a lot if you have the drive to ask questions and are proactive, all lessons free. (You will be worked with on a daily basis for some amount of time when riding farm horses, 2 formal lessons a week if you work 5 days a week)

Requirements: Basic Knowledge and proficiency with horses. Must walk trot and canter.  Must be able to work 3-5 days a week minimum - 5 ideal.  Have to be self sufficient and a hard worker, due to arena being far from barn area.  Please call Shaunna if interested. 


  • No paying positions available at this time. Please check back later!!