White Winds Farm Equestrian Center

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email whitewindsfarm2246(at)gmail.com

Boarding your Horse

Our boarding philosophy is that your horse gets treated as our horse. Over the years, 6 veterinarians have called our farm home. All have overwhelmingly been amazed at the level of care we give our horses!

We offer full board only and want our boarders to feel that their horse is getting the best care available. Clean stalls and regular feedings, the horse gets checked every feeding for cuts scrapes and other problems 2 times a day. Group turnout gets the horses out in the pasture as much as weather permits. Single turnout offers either most of the day or night out.



Safe and friendly environment!

Numerous pastures and more to come! . A 110x200 arena with lights for night riding. Jumping field. 10 x 12 stalls and 12 x 12 stalls. 13 stall total. We strive to offer excellence in horse care.



Board Offers

  • Full board only.
  • Grain feeding 2 times a day. (up to one scoop grain one scoop beetpulp)  Third feeding available for hard keepers at extra price.  We feed Southern States Legends brand feeds.
  • Timothy or Orchard hay 2 -3 times a day at grain time.
  • Supplements put in feed at grain time if provided.
  • Single or group turnout provided. Group turnout gets more time outside. Horses come in to eat.
  • Stall cleaned every day and supplied with shavings. Extremely messy horses that go through more shavings than budgeted will get charged.
  • Basic blanket changes.
  • Full use of facilities.
  • Place to keep trailer
  • Tack room to keep tack and tack trunk.
  •  Late night check at 9 pm to make sure everyone is tucked in safely for the night.