White Winds Farm Equestrian Center

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Horse Training and Sales- Dressage and Jumping

Bring your horse in for training at White Winds Farm! We take pride in our ability to work with young and old horses and bring them along in a calm, quiet and professional manner. Emphasis is on teaching them proper basics, and fitness to do the job. We make wonderful forward, supple and elastic horses. We fully believe in cross training our young horses!  This gives our babies the body awareness and control they need for anything they want to do!

Give your older horse a tune up! Our program helps tune up older horses and get's them going for the next level of their career!

Currently in Training!


Epiphany Bay Independence

Epiphany Bay Independence, at 4 years old learning the basics of Dressage and Jumping. Check out the website of where she came from!   http://epiphanybayfarm.com/  Wonderful farm specializing in Cleveland Bay Horses!



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