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Horseback Riding Lessons - First Time Riders

Beginner Horseback Riding Lessons -  Group or Private

Group Lessons: ages 8 and up!  $20.00 per person

Private Lessons available by request: Ages 6 and up! Call for pricing.

Call for available lessons slots! Scroll down for times!

Learing to Groom!   Introduction to Riding:

Join our classes learning the basics of horses and horseback riding! Group lessons run 4 days a week at various times to accommodate any schedule! In these lessons you will learn how to walk, trot and steer your horse in perfect form and balance. Fun games will be played to enhance your ability and knowledge of the horse! When you can accomplish all goals set in this class you can move to the next level!  Scroll down for schedule! Classes split into adult and children lessons.

Ready to move up? 

Learn To Ride! Horseback Riding 1

This group lesson is for students who have either completed Intro to Riding or come in with a basic knowledge of riding. You must have an evaluation ride to make this class.  In this class we continue to work on form and balance taking it to the next step in cantering and starting over jumps. Jumping is fully at the discretion of the rider. Shows, trail rides and other fun outings are scheduled when in this class.

Call for an evaluation or to start!

Students Jumping!

Medelene and Ace age 10


Technical information on the classes.

Payment: Monthly payment only! Cash, Check, money order. No credit cards. (maybe soon if enough people want it) Monthly payment based on how many days of lessons in that month. ie. 5 Tuesdays that month.. $100.00, 4 Tuesdays,,,$80.00

Monthly fee to be paid by first lesson of the month. NO REFUNDS.  Make up class scheduled on Saturdays for weather make-ups or extreme emergency. This class can be a mix of adults and children. One Emergency per three months allowed no questions asked.

No show- no refund or reschedule.

Classes are formed based on horses available. Will need height and weight of rider to know what horse in the schedule you fit! 4-8 riders per class.

First time on the farm? Please arrive 30 minutes early to lesson to fill out forms.

Introductory Class:

Call to schedule to be in the class.

Horses will be tacked up for rider with a 15 minute demonstration on how to groom and tack up the horse before every lesson. A demonstration will also be at the end of the lesson on how to un-tack and take care of the horse.  Coming to the demonstration is optional but to move to the next class you must know how to tack up and un-tack your own horse.  Want to help tack up horses for the class! Feel free to come up to 30 minutes early and stay after to help take care of the horses!   You MUST be here a minimum of 10 minutes before your lesson time to get your horse and be IN THE ARENA and ON YOUR HORSE at lesson time. If you are late and your horse is getting un-tacked you are dismissed. Lessons run for 45 minutes ending promptly at quarter till the hour.

Please read the sidebar for equipment information.

halloween party

Horsemanship 1

You must qualify for this class by showing a high proficiency of the concepts in Introductory class. You must also be able to tack and care for your horse as demonstrated in the Introductory Course.  If you have ridden previously you must take an evaluation ride and show what you know!



Lesson Schedule as of September 2017   More times to come soon!

Monday Intro: Kids 4-5
Thursday Intro Kids 5-6pm
Saturday Make up Lesson 1-2  or 10-11

Safety, Equipment and other question.

  • HELMETS are required when on a horse.  We have school helmets for those starting out, but recommend that be your first purchase. Helmet MUST be ASTM/SEI certified. There is a tag inside the helmet that tells you if it is certified. You may purchase a certified helmet online or stores in the area that carry them are; Tractor Supply, Cabin Branch Tack Shop in Southern Pines NC, Moore Equine Supply.

  • BOOTS: You must have a boot with a FLAT sole and half inch heel. It should come over and support your ankle. No Flip-flops or sandals on the farm please. (Parents also)  You will not be allowed on a horse with stirrups without proper shoes. Or if you have been riding for a while... you get a lesson with no stirrups or bareback! :)  
  • Breeches, half chaps or other equipment are optional but highly recommended if you decide to ride. 
  • Please come to your lesson neatly attired with your shirt tucked in. NO sleeveless shirts. (safety) If you have long hair please pull it back into a pony tail or braid.